5 Things To Know Before You Rent a Yacht for Your Next Vacation

Are you excited about your next vacation on a yacht? Maybe you’d like to go through these 5 things before chartering.

1. How many guests are you inviting?

While choosing a yacht, more than the looks and the luxuries it offers, focus on how many guests you will bring on board. Choosing a yacht based on capacity ensures everyone gets their share of sleeping, adventures or other amenities.

2. What location are you chartering to?

While some locations may sound familiar enough to want to charter, don’t make the mistake of choosing a location without researching or knowing what it offers. One of the tips you can follow is to know what activities you want to experience and choose a location based on that.

3. Are you working with a broker?

Chartering a Yacht is not much different from planning a wedding. You will have guests and friends, and if you are hosting a party, you must take care of the details. And if you are a busy man, let the brokers handle it all for you. They will know what to ask you to get all the details to make a great experience.

4. Have you negotiated activities and amenities?

While the yacht won’t be your personal property while chartering, it will still be your home for the time you travel. So why not request a little personalization?

If you request certain features or activities to make your holiday more personalized. From the selection of activities, and amenities for your group to sharing your wishes for the trip, most things are customizable. You can ask for a child-friendly environment or no wi-fi environment, and your captains might be able to cater to your request.

5. Do you have a say in the meals?

Having a say in what you’ll eat is a big plus – especially if someone in your group has special dietary requirements. But you need to talk about this before chartering, most things will be required to purchase before you are all in water.


You are going to have an amazing time and experience on a yacht. But don’t forget that yachts have rules and etiquette which you should follow, even while enjoying.

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